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Meet A Toronto Startup: Ringo

Toronto, like many towns and cities across Canada and the rest of North America, is home to a plethora of apartment buildings and condominium towers. It’s almost impossible to walk through the downtown core and not see a condo under construction, or see a sales office along the way.

One of the challenges associated with renting a unit in Toronto – especially one within an older building, as I do – is that most legacy intercom systems don’t work with mobile devices, instead requiring a landline in order for your guests to call you when they’ve arrived. One can hardly blame the manufacturers of these intercom systems: a good number of them were built in the days when the concept of a mobile phone wasn’t even on the horizon.

Fortunately, Ringo is here to save the day.

“Anyone who lives downtown in this city [Toronto] knows the intercom – it’s something you see every day. It’s this forgotten piece of technology, it’s unintuitive and needlessly restrictive. People use an intercom every single day and it’s a constant source of frustration. My co-founders and I, who had the various pieces, came together to start what Ringo looks like today”, said Greg Anthony, co-founder of Ringo.

Here’s how Ringo works:

Ringo was started in 2013 by Josh Mahonin. When Greg and Kevin came on board, every aspect of the service was re-examined from the ground up: the user interface, the functionality, and the nitty gritty details such as the signup service. “We spent a lot of time looking at how to make every single aspect of Ringo better for the end user and we relaunched this spring.”

Being that they’re still a new startup with no funding (with no current plans in place to search for any), they’re positioning themselves to be in the smart home market segment. “Ringo is the first touchpoint of the connected home. As an example of that, we’re looking at integrating Ringo with the Lockitron system. What this means for the consumer is that keys will be obsolete. We see Ringo as the primary connection between all of your smart devices and appliances.”

Greg was coy about future plans, but did hint that “aggressive international expansion plans are in place for the end of the year, and there’s an app in the works. I can’t wait for people to see it.”

  • ringo_dashboard_configure_screen1
  • ringo_dashboard_configure_screen2

Ringo dashboard

Want to try Ringo for yourself? You’re in luck! I’ve got three (3) one-year subscriptions to give away. Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below and for extra points, make sure to follow them on their social networks (links in the widget).

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