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Some thoughts on Periscope and the future of journalism

Earlier today, to much fanfare and excitement, Periscope launched their long-awaited live streaming app for iOS. For those of you who are not familiar with Periscope, they were purchased in January by Twitter for an undisclosed amount (some have speculated the final price tag was between $75 and $120 million), and have joined what will undoubtedly become a crowded space as they compete with the recently-launched Meerkat.

As Periscope gained traction throughout the day, I sat down to watch a few streams, ranging from friends drinking their morning coffee to live streaming today’s Lufthansa press conference. I began to think about the role live streaming can play in journalism.

What we’re seeing is the latest salvo in the war for your device and your attention. Clear winners have emerged in the arena for short-form visual content (see Vine and Snapchat) and messaging (see WhatsApp). Even Facebook has jumped into this battle, first by separating their Messenger offering from the Facebook app, and by now giving businesses the ability to use the Messenger platform for customer service.

Live streaming has become part of our everyday experience, similar to how Facebook and Twitter became the defacto standard for sharing pictures or news about plane crashes, protests and politics. But where does it fit into journalism?

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Mobile App Guide: Toronto Public Transit Apps

With winter making an early appearance in Toronto (is it cold enough for you, citizen?), ensuring the time spent outside waiting for the bus or streetcar becomes a priority for most commuters. Unless you’re a diehard winter enthusiast like yours truly, huddling inside a transit shelter in sub-zero temperatures can sometimes feel like a test of one’s survival instincts.

However, there is hope. Mobile app developers have taken advantage of the city of Toronto’s open data initiatives and used it to help frozen commuters like yourself stay warm.

In no particular order, here are some of my favourite TTC mobile apps.

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